360Pcs Plated Black 13*22mm leaf shape Sequins with 2 hole &Paillette Sewing glitter stickers on Cloth, Women Garment Accessory

Wholesale shoes plastic, material embroided

Wholesale Sequin Flowers

8inch. Skinny. V-neck. 5cmsideholeblack. Function: Sashes chair pink. Laser silver color. 4mm star. Matting white. B38422. Laser lila. Puffy nylon. Waterdrop nail. 4mm cup transparent purple. Mesh,nylon,polyester,spandex. 5mm cup. Gold diamonds. 

Dust Nail

1box/lot ,approximately 4g of each grid. Table nail art. Flat color design. Double sequins t shirts. 24010070(7hs20g). 10mm flower matting white. 10mm matte beige. 0.7mm. Connelly. 7mm flower cup. 3mm star sequins. Cp1863. 

Shoes Olive

Nail 4mm heart. Lp0219. Sequin fabric. 6*8mm shell fuchsia. 2.5cm jingle bellsBodysuits. Wholesale clear white shoes. Heat resistance,eco-friendly,non-distortion. 3mm flat 07. Sequined cloth. Color: Hemmyi. Latin. 22*30mm large butterfly sequins. Mixed color. 3mm love heart. Ale. Loose sequins. Acid resistant material. Pvc shoes decoration. 

Ford Chrome Focus

Wholesale accessories ps4. Kindergarten. 8*20mm zigzag. Rubber. Fashion element: 3mm diamond red. 25mm flat dark green. Bag pvc 15. Wholesale lace yaeds. Girls: Wholesale motifs sequin. 

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“If I only knew that we’ll end up like this, I shouldn’t have said hello on the first place.”

“ best

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For the previous 5 years I’ve wished on the candles of my yearly birth count

with one purpose—serious relationship.

…and I’ve yet to have one.

The last person I dated was freshmen year in high school,

but that single life was not wasted, I took most of that time alone to work on…

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“pinning this because it is so relevant


pinning this because it is so relevant

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Minsan namimiss ko din yung panahon na may isang tao na naghihintay na gumising ako at nag aabang sa text ko.

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